There and Back Again

So after six months of living at home with my parents, working a full-time job, and coaching a girls lacrosse team, I am back in Boston for Summer II classes at Northeastern. The whole experience is so strange; I mean, my “last” day at work was on Friday, and now classes start right away on Monday. And it has been a long weekend.

I came in to work on Friday and it was just a regular day; I sit down at my desk, I open my email and I start working. I’m the first one at the office, so slowly but surely, my co-workers start arriving, and soon, we’re in full swing. Well, not really, because it’s our last day, and my fellow co-op and I are doing some final training with our replacement. I have an final talk with my manager about my experience, and then we all head out for lunch. It was great to see everyone together one last time before leaving work, and even though there were ups and downs, I will definitely miss everyone that I worked with.

I learned so much throughout the course of my co-op; I am so thankful and appreciative to everyone who helped me along the way. Probably one of the most important things that I learned is what my strengths and weaknesses are. I know that I am really efficient, I am open to change, I’m a self-starter, and I am always determined to do the best job possible. On the other hand, I am really stubborn and competitive and it sometimes causes friction with my colleagues. This is what makes co-ops great, it’s the fact that you learn so much about yourself and who you are, even more than the technical skills that you gain on the job.

The whole drive back to Boston, I realized that I am growing up into an adult, and that I have matured a ton over the past six months. So much has happened that I feel like a completely different person. The combination of having a job with a lot of responsibility, being a coach and mentor to all of the lacrosse girls that I coached, and having finally achieved upperclassmen status at school, has made me realized that I have grown-up a lot.

I guess sometimes you need to go back home in order to grow up.


So why use a Hobbit quote as my title? Well this is my continuously evolving story of how I am going “there” (on an adventure), and “coming back” to the same place as a new, more mature, person.


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