First Lacrosse Tournament (ever)

This past weekend, I went down to NJ for the National Draw, a girls lacrosse tournament. I’ve been to a ton of hockey tournaments, but this was my first experience at a lacrosse tournament, and let me tell you, it was totally awesome.

So at hockey tournaments, the games are nearly never at the same site, you have to drive to a few different hockey rinks, and there’s not really ever an opportunity for your team to gather. At lacrosse tournaments, most teams stick together, usually under a team tent. Between games, you don’t go back to the hotel, you stay at the field, hang out with your teammates, and check out the vendors. Yes, there are vendors. There’s tournament merchandise at all tournaments, but there usually aren’t vendors, like Under Armour, at hockey tournaments, at least not girls hockey tournaments. Not only do the girls all hang out, but so do the parents. They bring their lawn chairs, set up, and talk. It was great to see this team “pride” with the parents too. And of course, us coaches were more than welcome to join in the fun. Since it was my first lacrosse tournament, I got some tournament apparel (even a car magnet that says “Lax Coach”).

I am so glad that I went, and I am even more proud of my team. The girls played solid team defense, which kept the scores of the game low. We went 1-2-1, losing two 1-goal games, and winning a 1-goal game. Being able to play talented clubs from Long Island and Maryland opened the girls’ eyes to the talent that’s out there, and the fact that they were able to stick with the Long Island girls gave them a ton of confidence during the rest of the tournament.

We have two tournaments left and I am so pumped. A few more weeks of practice and the girls will be dominating all of their games.

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