And now it’s over…


What an episode.

From start to finish so much happened…

Caution, spoilers from GoT are up ahead.

Ok so first of all, Stannis?!?! Hell yes, taking the north by storm. We haven’t really seen him since he was getting money from Mycroft Holmes (Mark Gatiss) in Braavos, but that’s how to make a re-entrance into the story. This is the first time that we’ve seen Stannis do something bad-ass and succeed. I’m really kindof happy that it worked and that he did it because his whole thing with Melisandre on Dragonstone was getting a little bit boring. He’s finally moving around and doing what he does best; beat up on people.

Next, Arya is also achieving bad-ass mode. She’s finally heading to Braavos and I’m sure she will have some awesome adventures there by herself. Maybe she’ll even find Jaqen again. I am really sad that the Hound had to die though. He was really turning into one of those characters that you root for because he’s so different and realistic about what is happening. Plus he defends Arya, which is really cool.

Daenerys is having problems with the people she set free; some of them have grown too accustomed to their chains to ever leave them. She really doesn’t understand where they’re coming from and why they would ever want to go back to that life. However, major turning point, she can’t control her dragons, especially Drogon, the black one, so she has so put them in chains. The “breaker of chains and mother of dragons” is putting her children in chains. As she leaves Rhaegal and Viserion, they cry out to her and it’s quite heartbreaking as she has to lock them away because they’re a danger to her people. This is going to be super interesting next year.

Finally, the Lannisters. Tywin was a complete ass to Tyrion and started using Shae as his own whore just to get back at his son. So Tyrion firstly kills Shae (yay!!!) and then takes Joffrey’s crossbow and shoots Tywin twice, while he’s sitting on the toilet taking a massive dump. A little bit of foreshadowing coming true thanks to Petyr Baelish; “men die squatting over their chamber pots”. It’s a bad way to die for Tywin but hey, he deserved it. Good news is that Tyrion isn’t dead and Jamie and Varys helped him escape. Varys is also going to go with him wherever it is that they’re going, after realizing that he’s really tired of all of the BS that’s in King’s Landing. Good for him. Jamie and Cersei are back at it, which is weird but it seems as though they’re open about it so we’ll have to see what happens.

Of course I’m merely scratching the surface at what really happened this episode. I am just so excited about what is to come that I can’t believe I have to wait another 10 months before a new season. Jon Snow is still alive, Bran is still ther, oh wait! I forgot about Bran!

So Bran and his crew are finally at the weirwood tree, but they all get attacked by skeletons (I’m presuming that they’re the skeletons of past men who have tried to get there, and that the power of the weirwood tree can bring them to life) and Jojen unfortunately dies. To be completely honest, I liked him as a character, but I’m glad he’s gone. Meera and Jojen were never really my favorites. They’ve served their purpose. So Bran, Hodor, Meera, and Summer are able to escape into the roots of the weirwood tree and meet “The Children” who are the young creatures that the First Men met as they invaded Westeros. They’re the ones who carved the faces in the trees to make them weirwoods. We also meet the source of Bran’s dreams, who is an old man stuck in the roots of the tree. How he is connected to the story, I am not sure but I will definitely be reading all about it in the next few days.

Now that is definitely it. I think it’s finally time to try and read more of the books. If you’re dying to know more about Game of Thrones and everything about it, go to the Game of Thrones wiki. It is awesome, and to be honest, it’s where I get all of my information from.

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