The college students struggle with coffee

I never liked coffee, until college.

A lot of people are on the same boat as me. They wake up, have breakfast, get to class, and yet they’re still extremely tired. So what do you do? This is why I tried coffee for the first time.

Last summer when I was working for the Boston Bruins, part of our job included working during the Pro Ambitions summer camps. Most of the camps were 45 minutes to an hour away, and we had to be at the rink, ready to go by 7:30am, the latest. On the Monday of the camp, it was expected we arrive at 6:30 so that we could have a counselor/coaches meeting before all of the kids arrived. Already this means that I had to leave my apartment by 5:45, so I would be waking up around 5:15, giving me plenty of time for breakfast. On the first of camps, when we had to get there extra early, us Bruins interns also had to arrive at the TD Garden before leaving so that we could make sure we had everything for the kids; registration forms, all of the posters, etc. Those days were definitely not easy, waking up that early, and then getting to the rink and working with kids for the next 8 hours (don’t get me wrong, I loved working the camps because some of the kids were awesome, but some of them, not so much). Coffee definitely helped though.

And that’s where it all started, me being so tired in the morning and wanting to have something that would start the day off on a good note. I’ve grown more used to coffee, I still can’t drink it black, but I’ve heard it’s an acquired taste so maybe I’ll get there one day.

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