Orange is the New Black

What makes this show so good?

To be honest I’m not completely sure myself. I think I enjoy watching it because it’s so different from anything else that I’ve watched before. There’s not always a happy ending, like in most TV shows. The women in the show are based off of real people who are actually in prison. And the really cool part is that they have such intricate back stories. Their lives are shown to us in such detail that it makes their struggle seem justified and real. I’ve just finished watching season two and it was a step above season one. Jenji Kohan and her team of writers did a fantastic job flushing out the characters, especially the ones we didn’t know a lot about before.

My favorite story arc this season was definitely Miss Rosa’s. She is an old woman with terminal cancer who is constantly going in for chemo treatments and leads a quiet life in prison. While she’s at her treatments she starts talking to this teenager and she tells him all about how she used to rob banks. Throughout the episode we see her as a young woman with her gang of friends, carefully plotting out how they are going to steal the money without getting caught. It shows how she watched two boyfriends die because of the “after-kiss-curse” (she had a tradition where there would be a kiss before and a kiss after; she didn’t kiss one of her boyfriends after a heist and he lived). Back to present day, Rosa and this teenager steal one of the nurses’ wallet and takes her money. Even though stealing is wrong and I shouldn’t be happy they did it, I kind of am; the way they completed the mission was thought out, and they became friends along the way.

So what does make this show so good? It is a captivating way to explore how women behave when they can rely only on themselves. If you have yet to watch Orange is the New Black, definitely go and check it out. It’s worth the watch.

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